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Testen van links naar plaatjesserver

Via span:


Via link met aanvulling:


Via tabel:

Volgnr = 01
Foto gemaakt door: Klaas Zondervan

Via sjabloon:

Afbeelding: 01
Foto gemaakt door: Klaas Zondervan

When set to true, users can bring in an inline image from an external URL. They do this simply by sticking the full URL into the wiki text (without any other surrounding markup being required) That is the direct URL to an image resource on another website. When set to false, the full URL appears as a text link to the image.

Note that if you want to allow images from a single trusted source (e.g. from within your own domain) then set this to false, and use

MediaWiki will only recognize image URLs with image file extensions; you may need to add a 'fake' parameter to the end of some URLs, like "&junk=junk.png" or "?.png" to force the parser to realize the Image_URL actually points to an image, so that it will embed it.


You cannot easily put image caption for external images. One solution might be using table.

|image url

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